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Grand National Fibre Art Exhibition “Crossroads”

Woohoo! The day has arrived. I can finally disclose that I have a piece in the Grand National Fibre Art Exhibiton “Crossroads”. It is called “The Woman who is Alone and Waits” or “La Mujer que está sola y espera”.

“The Woman …” is based on a newspaper article from the 1980’s aptly called “The Woman who is Alone and Waits” written by Juan Roffo in a local Buenos Aires newspaper. It’s a small article; one of a series of articles written under the “From my Balcony” heading, and it was like observations from his balcony into life in Buenos Aires at the time. I remember reading it and falling in love with the charm of his writing, so I cut it out and kept it. It was found years later in a Daytimer from 1984 where I wrote all manner of quotes and pasted all kinds of snippets of life in Canada a year after I arrived.

You can hear more about it here: as I taped a short interview with the UNB Art Centre who organized the event this year.

From the Grand National website: “The Grand National Fibre Exhibition 2021: Crossroads features some of the best in contemporary fibre art from across the country. Works present a variety of techniques including quilting, needle painting, felting, and rug hooking as well as hand printing and dyeing.

This year’s exhibit, which presents 48 works by 43 outstanding artists, is a juried selection on the theme of Crossroads. Fibre Artists have been challenged with visualizing a decisive moment when a path diverges, and a resolution is made.”

Here is “The Woman who is Alone and Waits” – “La Mujer que está sola y espera”:

The woman who is alone and waits

This piece has a few different techniques to achieve the results I was after: the light piece on top has been painted with diluted india ink and a cola pen and uses text. There is a piece of silk organza that has been rusted with text in the centre and the bottom of the piece, the copper and brown, has the text in the article free-motion quilted over and over to create texture. The image at the top is a Paper Lamination.

And a detail:

Detail view

Tomorrow, May 8th at 1:00 p.m. Mountain- 4:00 p.m. Atlantic is the Opening Ceremony and Award Presentation.

Grand National Crossroads

Won’t you join us?

Thanks for reading. And until the next one, keep creating. Stay well, and stay safe,


2 thoughts on “Grand National Fibre Art Exhibition “Crossroads””

  1. Anita Vigorito

    Congratulations, Ana! Your career seems to be really taking off and you deserve it. Your Instagram posts prove you work tirelessly and that you are a very talented artist. I feel quite privileged to have been able to have classes with you. As the now-old saying goes, You go girl!

  2. It was wonderful to hear your story on YouTube and see your beautiful and intriguing interpretation of this article. How cool that you carried it with you all these years. I love hearing about your paper lamination and other processes you go through to create such a powerful piece. Would love if the author of that article is still around to know how you were captured by his story. Congratulations Ana!!

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