Monoprinting samples

I had fun on Saturday, early evening, playing with monoprinting.  I set everything up on the kitchen table – there’s a lot of stuff to have around.  I had cut some PFD – prepared for dyeing – fabric, and some thin canvas and Gelli Plate in hand, started to play.

For the first set of monoprints, I decided to keep them monochromatic and in the black and white range.  As I have been using a lot of hand-dyed fabric in different tones of greys, I thought it would be easier to incorporate into some of hand-dyed fabrics plus some of the rubbings I have ready to go.

I have to tell you that I went to the art store in the morning and purchased the yummiest of acrylic metallic paints by Pebeo.  They come in the loveliest colors.  I resisted buying all of them, but I got a silvery blue, a copper, an orange and a lime green, of course!

Here are some of the results.


This is one of the first samples I made.  I used a “comb” on top, a kebab stick for the grasslike markings and two of the rubbing plates I have with circles.  Not back for a first try …


This one uses a lovely 12″ x 12″ stencil with the large random letters.  I love it!  I placed it on the paint and then used a piece of textured drawer liner on top; the circles were once more the stamp made with wooden circles for rubbing and a foam stamp.

The Gelli Plate I have is 81/2″ x 11″ so I’m restricted by that size.  I will try something different this coming weekend and see if I can get a larger area to use, before the paint dries.


Another one, this one using similar elements, plus a plate made using metal washers.  I really like the effect.  As I did not clean the plate between applications of paint, some of the old paint remains and that’s when I got the greys, instead of a lot of white.


In this one, I was using Acrylic metallic Pebeo paint in copper and orange – did not make too much of a difference.  Plus once again a lovely 12″ x 12″ template with a leaf motif.  On top of that, I applied the texture and some polka dots.

I got a lot of samples done in very little time.  I will play some more with different colors of paint next and the plates I made with the stencils which I forgot to take out of the box … out of sight, out of mind… I had so many other things to play with, I never missed them.

Ah, I had some threads here and there which added a lot of texture and unexpected interest.  I will have to remember to do that on purpose.

I will show you some more samples soon.  In the meantime, keep quilting.


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