Oh my … time flies …

Yes, once again I get to apologize from being absent from my blog and website.  Life seems to get in the way.

As an excuse, I was busy teaching and learning these last few months.  Being a student once again was a great experience; once I had not been a part of in about 7 years or so!  what a change!! ;)  Positive always, but your brain needs to make an adjustment, for sure; especially for the course I took.

Lisa and I drove from London, Ontario down to Reynoldsburg, Ohio to attend a 5-day workshop at Nancy Crow’s Barn.  Before we drove, we spent a few days visiting St. Mary’s were Lisa lives, and the surrounding areas, including every Antique Market we could find and visit.  What a treat!!!  I managed to get some really cool stuff to put under the tree for my children.

The course in Ohio was taught by Claire Benn of the UK and it was on Paper Lamination as Tool and as Art. I came home with a bundle of stencils we made in class, and a couple of works in progress.  And a brain full of ideas and inspiration!

A couple of weeks after returning from Ohio I flew to Vancouver and via ferry travelled to Gibson’s Landing at the invitation of the Sunshine Coast Quilt Guild.  We spent almost 4 lovely days at a Retreat.  The place was fabulous, and despite the rain, we managed to have a great time.  The ladies in the class made amazing work.  I was deligthed to be there, and hope to make it there again, maybe as a student or to do my own thing this time.

On Monday, I flew from Vancouver directly to Houston (via Calgary) and 6 days of teaching classes.  What a treat once again to meet students from all over the world coming together and sharing one goal:  to improve their quilting and artistic abilities.  It was a busy time, so much so that I only spent very little time looking at quilts; but I managed to look at the categories that most interest me.  I have now to go back to the photos I took, very much rushed, and absorb …

I will post photos in a separate email – for now I wanted to let you know that I am still around.  Haven’t really disappeared.

Right now I’m busy at work and at home getting ready for the holidays.  Sabrina is back home this time to stay and find a job together with her friend Ariane.  It’s been a big change to have people in the house again.  I had forgotten how much fun it is.  We sit at night around the fireplace and we do stuff:  Ariane knits, Sabrina embroiders, and I do whatever or read my iPad.

Well, friends, that’s all for now.  I promise to post some photos over the weekend.  I’m teaching a class on Sunday so need to go and get ready for it.

In the meantime, stay happy and keep quilting.


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