My purpose is to make my virtual workshop experience as close as possible to an in-person workshop. I have zoom connected devices that will allow you, together with a wireless microphone, to see and hear me clearly and interact with me at all times just like you would if I was there in person.

My workshops can be tailored to meet your group’s needs. I can also book workshops at times that will work in your time zone if you are in Europe, Asia or Australia.

If you are an individual in Europe, Asia or Australia and would like to book a workshop with me at a time that suits your time zone, contact me. I require 6 people to book a personalized class, so get a few friends together. I’ll be happy to work with you.

Lecture fee

CAD $550.00 (US $475) for a one-hour presentation.

Price of Presentation reduced to CAD $475.00 (US $400) when booked with a 6-hour workshop or two 3-hour workshops. Prices subject to 5% GST

Workshop fees

CAD $625.00 (US $525) for a 3-hour workshop or $925.00 (US $795) for a 6-hour workshop

Prices subject to 5% GST

Download my contract – Virtual Live

Ana Buzzalino contract 2024/2025 – virtual live (PDF)

Download my contract – In-person

Ana Buzzalino contract 2024/2025 – in person (PDF)