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Look at what’s in newsstands …

I am very excited that my project “New York Beauty Pillow Cover” was included in the new issue of Modern Patchwork Gifts.  It is out in newsstands.  I hope you get a copy and give this project a try.


If you’ve never made this traditional pattern, you’ll find it easier than it looks … and there are only 4 blocks so it won’t take too long to make the pillow cover.  To tell you the truth, it takes me longer to pick the fabrics I want to use than to sew the block together.  The paper pieced arc takes me between 15-20 minutes to paper piece, so I know I can make the four needed for the pillow in just about one hour.  The quilting took me the longest, as I did lots of quilting in mine:  I used feathers, and circles, and swirls … lots of fun designs on the back too.

This magazine has lots of great projects to decorate your home.  Or just make some to give away … Christmas is coming!.  Those trees on the cover look very cute.  I was thinking of making some and putting beads on them, or some hand-stitching … what do you think?.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  Send me a comment and let me know what you thought of the article.  I always enjoy hearing from you.

Thanks for reading.  Keep quilting!


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