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Good morning,
Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the wonderful weather we’ve been having – well, except those strange hail storms, tornado warnings, etc. This past weekend was lovely and we are preparing for a heat wave this week. Strange weather for Calgary especially a heat wave in August!
Yesterday was hot, and I needed to get out of the sun and do something different so I decided to work on something “old”; it was probably started a couple of years ago at least! Then it got put away to make room for other things, and got lost under some other work, unfinished pieces, class samples, monoprinted fabric, etc. you get the idea?
So out it came yesterday. I had to make room for it on my drawing table which was holding some finished work ready to be mounted, and some odds and ends.
I went downstairs to get the paints, and the fabric medium, retarder, brushes, can for water, plastic palette … and came back upstairs to the studio to start when I realized that in all that time that the piece had been folded, the lines had disappeared! So now I had to find the original pattern.
Don’t you hate it when that happens. Here I was all ready to start work, when something unexpected happens. I had reorganized the studio some time ago and of course, part of the reorganization was to put away the rolls of oversized designs as they hadn’t been used in a long time. Do you think I could remember where they were? They were definitely NOT where I thought I had put them. And I looked, everywhere … and I mean everywhere! Finally when I was ready to give up (although I knew I would not be able to stop thinking about them) I had an “eureka” moment … and found them. I had put them all rolled neatly under the bed in the front bedroom! What a relief! I was able to re-draw the lines that had disappeared and started to paint.
This is the design, as it was before I started to add paint yesterday:

Water Lily
Water Lily
Water Lily - Painted Detail
Water Lily – Painted Detail
Water Lily - Butchart Gardens in Victoria
Water Lily – Butchart Gardens in Victoria

I painted two of the petals yesterday and left them to dry so I can add touch ups this week.  What do you think?  I am really looking forward to working on this piece and getting it finished.

And if you are wondering, I am using acrylic paints for this one with fabric medium and a bit of retarder, as it was very hot yesterday and the paint was drying too fast!

Did you know that water lilies create shade and protection for fish in landscape ponds, and they provide a gentle resting spot for frogs and dragonflies?  There were lots of them in the ponds at the gardens when we were there, in all colors.  But this photo was my favorite!  I love that murky green, don’t you?

Thanks for reading.  Hope you have time to keep quilting!


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