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A Sunday for Dyeing Fabric

Good morning from sunny and warm Calgary!  We have been getting some great weather, haven’t we?  And we have a few days this week when the temperature is going to reach 14 degrees Celsius.  I wish I could be out there enjoying the weather …

I had a busy but fun weekend.  I got some sewing done (I will post in a separate email) and yesterday I got some dyeing done.  About 20 meters of fabric are now scrunched up in containers waiting for the dye to do its thing.  Here are a few photos of the before and in between.


Dyes in pomegranate red, claret, sage green, chartreuse, forest green with a touch of better blue green, golden yellow, mink brown, bronze, jet black, gunmetal gray, and another gray  – I don’t remember the name, lapis blue and turquoise.

IMG_1072This one has pomegranate red, a mix of claret and golden yellow which made the most amazing orangey color, golden yellow and something else here and there.  As the fabric gets turned around in the container, the colors get very interesting.

IMG_1075Once again, pomegranate red, with the browns and a bit of grey.  That bright yellow you see towards the top right-hand side, is one of my painted pears getting dyed.  I have so many, this is a nice option for them.  I think I have 4 in the dye this time.

IMG_1074This is the green and blue tray, with some grays mixed in.  That small sliver of bright yellow at the bottom is another pear painting.

IMG_1073Mostly browns and grays for some new work I’m planning.

This process is so much work to get all the chemicals and dyes ready, that when you get going it’s worth dyeing a lot.  There are another 5 containers with fabric that Sabrina helped dye.  Now they are batching and all we have to do is be patient and wait a few more days before they get washed.  I promise to post with some of the results so you can see them.

And here is a finished work, mounted and ready to go to someone’s home.  Are you interested?  Contact me and let me know.


Hope everyone has a nice and creative week.  Keep me posted on what you are working on.


PS:  are you following me on Instagram?  I’ve been posting more regularly there, as it’s easier and faster than writing a blog post.  I’d love to hear from you.  Will you follow me?

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