More on the last post on mono printing

This is just a short post as I realized that I wanted to show you a photo of the paint brush that I used to make the fabric with circles that you saw on the previous post.

It is a bristle brush, about 1.5″ wide, bought at the Home Depot.  It is inexpensive, and I purchase a package of them, as I like to use them quite a lot.  The bristles are quite stiff, so they give you good brush marks.

This particular one has been given a hair cut!  :-) I really did grab a pair of scissors and holding the brush on my left hand, cut the bristles with a pair of scissors quite like the hairdresser does to my hair.  It gives you quite a distinctive line, and I imagine you won’t be able to cut two brushes quite in the same way, which adds to the fun.

paintbrush and thickened dye

I hope you can get an idea of what the brush looks like from the photo above.  The container holds the thickened dye. And what you see in the background, is the drop cloth on my table, which is starting to look quite interesting. You can see some of the brush marks on the photo below.

black circles on plastic

Thanks for reading.  I will be back with more shortly.  In the meantime, keep quilting.



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