On working in a series I

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Do you ever take a look at your week and pat yourself on the back because it was a really good one? You felt great. Lots of energy. Lots of inspiration to create which translated into lots of work done? That was my week. I woke up energized and full of new ideas to work on a series of small textile pieces.

I wanted to share my thoughts on working in a series, what it means to me and how it improved my own practice.

Working in a series is a powerful way to explore a particular theme or concept. It allows you to delve deeper into a subject, develop your ideas, and create a body of work that is connected and cohesive.

There are some important things to know. Here’s where to start:

  1. Choose a theme or concept: The first step in working in a series is to choose a theme or concept that you want to explore. This could be anything from a specific colour palette to a particular pattern, texture or shape.
  2. Develop your ideas: Once you have chosen your theme, start to develop your ideas. Consider different ways you could interpret the theme and experiment with different materials, techniques, and designs.
  3. Create a cohesive body of work: As you work on your series, keep in mind that you want to create a cohesive body of work. This means that the pieces should be connected in some way, whether through color, texture, or design.
  4. Consider the context: Think about how your work will be displayed or presented. Will it be hung on a wall, displayed on a table, or worn as clothing? Once you know the context in which your work will be seen, create pieces that are appropriate for that context.
  5. Experiment with different techniques: Working in a series is a great opportunity to experiment with different techniques and materials. Try out new techniques and see how they can be used to express your ideas.
  6. Reflect on your work: As you create your series, take time to reflect on your work. Think about what you have learned, what has worked well, and what you might do differently in the future.

Working in a series can be a rewarding experience. It allows you to explore a theme in depth, experiment with different techniques, and create a body of work that is connected and cohesive. And more importantly, you can create a successful series that reflects your ideas and creative vision.

Come back next week as I continue to share my thoughts about working in a series with more tips and ways in which you can develop your ideas.

Until next week, keep creating,


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