Wednesday Quote

It seems keeping company with stones is
Keeping company with eternity
From such a distant place
That still resides in me.
We hear it in silence.
We feel it in stones…..
And you release it in this gathering together.
Neva Gagliano

Did you know that I love stones, rocks, pebbles?  All kinds, all shapes, all colors, but the smooth ones, rounded by water and time are the best.  I can never walk past one without stopping and picking it up.  Inspecting it.  Admiring its lines.  Feeling its smoothness.  Sometimes it ends up in my pocket.  And in a bowl at home on my coffee table …

If you haven’t seen it, and are interested, I wrote an article for Quilting Arts Magazine on making stones, rocks and pebbles out of fabric last year.  You can find it in the June/July 2014 issue.

I am off now to look for a new stone to add to my collection.


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