Farewell 2023. Embracing the mysteries of 2024

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Last night we bid adieu to 2023. What a rollercoaster of a year: a global journey marked by challenges and triumphs, heartbreaks and victories. 2023 has left an indelible mark on our collective consciousness. Join me as we say our goodbyes to the past and extend a warm welcome to the possibilities that await us in 2024.

2023 was not without its fair share of challenges. From navigating the ongoing global pandemic to grappling with socio-political upheavals, we faced moments that tested the strength of our individual and collective spirits. However, we also witnessed the incredible resilience of the human spirit when communities came together, individuals showed unwavering strength, and we showed the world that we can endure.

The lessons learned and experiences gained in 2023 serve as stepping stones toward a future filled with promise. Let’s take a moment to think about those experiences and celebrate and appreciate them. A year rich in experiments. A time when new textures, colours and techniques were discovered. Acknowledge the challenges and triumphs – as well as the frustrating moments, the “failures” or chances to learn – for they have added depth to your artistic narrative. Let’s reset, reevaluate, and reimagine.

Now we stand at the threshold of 2024: a new year full of possibilities. Let’s welcome the new year with open hearts and hopeful spirits. A time to consider the evolving trends and techniques in textile art. New patterns, new fibres, sustainable practices? When looking at the future, imagine a time to experiment, let your imagination run wild and weave stories that resonate with the times. Just as the new year prompts personal resolutions, set artistic intentions for 2024. What skills do you want to learn – or hone? Are there unexplored themes and motifs you’d like to work on? How can you push the boundaries of your own art to create a reflection of your artistic growth?

As we eagerly unfold the fabric of 2024, shall we embrace the mysteries of the unknown without fear but with enthusiasm and creativity? This, 2024, is YOUR canvas and the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Here’s to a year of bold strokes, intricate stitches, bright colours and an exciting tapestry reflecting the unique beauty of your art. A year of boundless inspiration and artistic revelation.

Until I write again, Happy New Year!


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  1. Well said in your FAREWELL 2023.
    Just to let know I admire your art in the Quilting Art magazine and enjoy your newsletters.

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