Creativity while Travelling

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Good morning. I am resending this as I noticed that something happened with the “interesting” list I added and it got really funky. Sorry about that – I was trying to do something different :(

Summer is getting closer. I know because the weather is turning warmer, the grass is green, the sun is shining, and you can hear the sounds and whirring of lawn mowers at work.

And with Summer comes travel. I have been travelling a bit lately and having a lot of fun. I’m working while at it, so not a lot of time for creativity it would seem. When we travel, we walk a lot, go from one place to the other, we explore new foods, cultures, crafts and sounds. And of course we shop!

So, how can we stay creative while travelling with not a lot of supplies? Here are a few ideas:

Use your phone: Most smartphones have built-in note-taking apps that you can use to jot down ideas, observations, and stories. The note-taking apps allow you to add a photo, so you could place a photo in Notes and then add your notes on how you could use that photo to make some work.

Use your phone’s camera to take photos of interesting landscapes, objects, people, architectural details, foods … anything at all really that may inform some of your work lately. One of the advantages of phone cameras is the ability to delete photos later :)

Use found objects: Look for interesting objects or materials that you can use to create something. For example, you can collect leaves, flowers, or stones and use them to make a collage or a piece of art.

Challenge yourself: Set yourself a creative challenge, such as taking a photo every day or writing a poem about something you see. This can help you stay motivated and keep your creative thoughts flowing.

Talk to locals: Strike up a conversation with locals and ask them about their culture, traditions, and way of life. You might be surprised by the stories and insights they can offer, which can serve as great material for a blog post.

Keep a travel journal: Keep a travel journal where you can write down your thoughts, experiences, and ideas. You can also use the journal to sketch, draw, or doodle.

The advantage of all of these ideas is that they don’t require a lot of materials or time. If you are anything like me, we take photos of everything and anything because it’s interesting, it caught our attention, we liked the colours, the lines, the shapes … and we gather bits of paper everywhere to use at a later date: business cards, paper bags with interesting lettering … you don’t need to bring it all back: cull your collection on your last day and cut pieces of paper bags, etc. that you may use at a later date. Leave the rest behind in the recycling bin in the hotel.

Next time, I’ll develop a few simple ideas of keeping a travel journal. I’m off now to gather a few pens to bring with me.

Until I write again, enjoy the warm weather and stay creative.


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    1. Yes! You can also scan documents to notes, so you could scan magazine articles or newspaper pages, etc. and add notes :) Happy to teach you something new :)
      Take care,

  1. Thanks Ana. All good ideas. I find myself constantly taking pictures when I travel. My failing is that I need to set up an electronic system for filing them so they are easy to find. Any ideas?

    1. My apologies as I missed replying to your message. I have the same issue with my photos, but what i’ve started to do is to transfer them from my phone to my computer. I then delete them from my phone except the ones I think I might use in my work soonish. Also, you could open a file in your computer named something like “Inspiration and Ideas” and put there the photos you think you may want to use for work so when you go looking for them, they’ll be simpler to find. You could also file them by category: like “Doors and Windows”, “Trees”, “cats”, “landscapes”, “Architecture” … you get the idea.

      Hope this helps in a small way. Keep taking photos!

  2. I still like the idea you gave us in class: take a few pieces of white fabric and an oil stick along and rub some sewer grate designs to add to your art when you get home.

    1. Yes! That’s a great way to take some details back home. Great minds … it’s coming in a future post ;)

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