Quilt Canada came and went …

view from granville island

I arrived in Vancouver early morning on Wednesday – set up day at Canada Place. I was lucky that the hotel had a room ready for me, so I could drop off my stuff. I had breakfast and then went to Canada Place to drop off the quilt for the Teachers’ Invitational and set up in class for the first workshop the next day.

And then, I took a taxi to Granville Island. That was going to be my one indulgence: Maiwa, Opus, the market, and a walk around.

Here are some images:

I also did my bit to help the local economy: a few chocolates to have in the room just in case :), a bit of fabric from Maiwa of course, and a few new teas to try from Granville tea company.

And a few more favourites:

Tired but happy, I was back at the hotel and in bed by 7:00 p.m. I have to say I was tired and I slept until 6:00 a.m. the next day. I don’t remember the last time that I had such a long sleep!

The next morning, I got up and went out to get a coffee and some breakfast. What a great time we had at Quilt Canada! The venue was wonderful: lots of room for everyone in the class. I was happy to have Janome provide fantastic sewing machines for my two free-motion quilting classes. They worked like a charm – of course: fresh out of the boxes!

The vendor area was big and they had set up the areas with plenty of room to move around, so one did not feel like everything was closing in. I am happy to say that a lot of people were wearing masks, which made me feel much better.

There were lots of quilts to see: the National Juried Show, special exhibits, and those in vendors’ booths. Eye candy for everyone in every style and colour imaginable! not live without. Here are some images of some of the winners, and some of my favourites.

This first one is Set Fire to the Sky by Colette Dumont of Saint-Romain, Quebec. It won Best of Show. It is an amazing piece: the center medallion and border are perforated and beaded. Beautiful and intricate piece.

The next set of photos is a selection of some I really liked. Some won ribbons, some did not. The first one is “Abandoned” by Jan Hall of Thompson, Manitoba. Next is “Mountain Lake” by Deanna Corrigan of BC, and then “Magical evening” by R. Leslie Forbes. She had a second piece, just as colourful.

And last but not least, my absolute favourite from the show. I have to say I was shocked and saddened that it did not get a prize. I could not imagine why as the workmanship was exquisite, so I am happy to report that I heard it won Viewer’s Choice! This is “Dear Humans” by Sue Sherman of Newmarket, Ontario. Her artist statement reads: “the animals are sending a message to humans, offering their opinion about the state of things. Humans fill the sky with empty talk about addressing habitat loss and climate change but don’t really do anything to help.”

And a few more … :) I couldn’t resist … First one is called “Hope for their Future” and is by Patricia Dance of Port Alberni, BC. Next is “Come on in, the water is fine” by Roxanne Nelson of Calgary, AB. “Cat with green eyes” by Susan Van Goethem – Edmonton, AB; “Best Friends” by Faith McLeod of Delta, BC; and “Distraction” by Marianne Haak of Edmonton, AB. There were lots more and every one of them was unique in its own way. Congratulations to everyone who entered.

And now we take a break and prepare for next year in Halifax. I encourage everyone to plan to enter work. Whether you get accepted or not, win or not, it is still a great experience. And at the most, it makes you think about making something :)

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the quilts in the show. And keep creating!


PS: there is still time to sign up for the two classes coming up at the end of the week. Merging images in PowerPoint and Monoprinting: from basics to sophistication.

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  1. Thanks for the photos of the quilt show. My exact must visit spots when I go to Vancouver, Maiwa, Opus and the market.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, Ana. I was looking closely at your teacher’s table with lots of goodies :) I agree with you about the quilt “Dear Humans”; the workmanship, the humor and most importantly the message, would make it a #1 in my eyes too. I am glad it received the Viewer’s Choice award, very well deserved.

    1. Sorry for not writing before this. I had to laugh at your mention of the table with all the goodies. I had some wonderful Aurifil collections, including the Platinum one :) I am glad too that the quilt got Viewer’s choice award. Take care,

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