Textiles: the Photography of Chris Payne

From the American Quilter’s Society OnPoint Newsletter (this is a free email Newsletter):

“The incredible photos of Chris Payne tell the story of working textile factories and mills in a blaze of color and precision patterns.  His ongoing photographic project, TEXTILES, captures the essence of this factories”

Here’s the link to the article:  http://www.quiltviews.com/textiles-the-photographic-art-of-christopher-payne

And here’s the link to Chris Payne’s website:  http://www.chrispaynephoto.com/textiles1/


Chris writes:  “In this era of service jobs and office work, most of us have never been inside a factory. Several decades of overseas competition, unequal trade policies, and a flood of cheap imports have decimated American factories. Since 1990, job losses in apparel and textiles have been greater than those in any other type of manufacturing, and today we have little idea where, or how, the shirt on our back is made.”

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Keep quilting!


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