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OK, let’s see if this works better. I have uploaded the images first, and will type in between!

I have been working on the yellow tulips that are painted on the quilted background I showed you on the last blog. Once that was done and prepared, I marked the tulips on the background using a water soluble blue pen, very lightly, as I am always terrified that it’s not going to come off. So remember, take a few minutes and try the marking pen or pencil you are planning on using on a sample first, to see if it will come off, or on the back of the quilt, just where you are going to place the label. In that case, if the blue line (or any other color) doesn’t wash off, you will be able to cover it.

Below is a photo of my palette, and a very messy piece of paper towel. I decided to use acrylic paint with fabric medium. I had purchased a box of 24 Liquitex Basic Acrylics to try them, so that’s what I am using at this time, combined with GAC 900. GAC 900 is a Golden Medium, by Golden Products. The label reads “A 100% acrylic dispenser polymer heat-setting medium for modifying acrylic paints applied to clothing. Suitable for brushing, airbrushing or screen-printing. Provides a soft-hand and increased launderability.” You can read more if you go to the Golden website at; it has extensive technical information on GAC 900

at ( plus all the rest of the Golden Products.
I mixed GAC 900 about 1:1 with the acrylic paint. I used it sparingly, both the paint and the medium. I really just mixed it in the brush, unless I needed a large quantity of paint in which case I mixed it all at once.
I used a palette of Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Cadmiuim Red Light Hue, Cadmium Orange Hue, Titanium White, Raw Sienna and Raw Umber for the flowers.
Below is the first four petals I painted; I started with the one on the right, went to the one on the left, the middle one and the one behind on top was last. This was just about the first pass. When you look at photos later on, you will realize how different they look. I have adjusted and adjusted the color and the lights and shadows until I got the result I wanted. I am glad nobody can tell how many times my brush found its way to certain parts of the flower!
Once that first flower was completed, I decided to add a bud, so I drew it lightly in and started to block the colors in. I was called on the phone, so by the time I came back the paint had dried, which makes it a bit more difficult to blend. But in the end, you can’t tell. So the photo below shows the first flower and the bud. There is still one more petal to be painted on this tulip.
On another note, I bought a bread machine the other day from a gentleman at the office, so now that I have blogged a bit, I’m going to the kitchen to put all the ingredients in the bread maker. I purchased all the gluten free flours I could find (I couldn’t find millet flour), so off I go to mix them and turn the machine on. I’ll let you know how it turned out tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed that the results will be edible!
So good night to you all; and until I blog again, keep quilting.

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