The Quilting is Finished

Good morning,

It’s early here on this Friday morning. I have a day off work, which is always nice and am getting ready to go out and do some shopping, hopefully before the snow storm hits. But … I have a few minutes before I leave, so I thought I’d post some photos of the piece I just finished quilting. The quilting alone took me more than 75 hours. The piece is about 42″ x 44″. It has been prepared so I can paint on it once it is bound and painted. I’ll explain as I go.

Unfortunately you can’t see too much from the photo. The base is made of 5 pieces of fabric of “unknown fiber content”. Which means that I bought them because I liked them but have no idea of what they are. The three center pieces are samples of upholstery fabric and the other two are remnants that I purchase at Chintz & Co. in Calgary. They sell the upholstery fabric samples and remnants at 50% off and you usually get really nice deals on silks, and unusual fabrics. In this case, the fiber content didn’t matter. Below I have posted a detail of the tight quilting so you can see a close-up:

And now a close up of one of the feathers that I designed myself.

I just looked out the window. It’s starting to snow quite heavily. So I am going to venture out and see how much I get done before the weather and driving conditions send hurrying back inside.

I will post more photos during the weekend. And until I blog again, keep quilting.


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