From September – Random Draw

I am here again.  I had promised on my last blog to randomely choose a winner from the comments left on my blog for one of my pear pieces.  Unfortunately, once again, because my computer was dying, the comments never showed!  but now … I found them, so – because a promise is a promise – I wrote everybody’s name in a piece of paper, put them in a bucket and drew one:

Congratulations!  Patricia Van Laeke you are the winner!  I can’t access your email to let you know that you won, so I hope you think to check the blog again.  If so, send me an email at with a contact number and an address, so I can send you your art piece.

Stay tuned, more draws to come in the New Year, including some hand-dyed fabric and threads.

Once again, keep quilting.  It’s nice to be back.


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