“Something I’ve never seen before …”

Thanks Ceci for the article in your blog (Patchwork y Cia), which I’m going to share here.

This is the story of one Joanna Rose, who’s been acquiring red and white quilts since the 50’s.  It turns out that Mrs. Rose has never seen them all at once.  From Friday to Wednesday March 30, all 651 quilts will be displayed inside the armory.



The armory display was a birthday present for, and from Mrs. Rose, who turned 80 several months ago.  “My husband asked me what I wanted,” she said.  “I told him, two things: something I had never seen before and a gift for New York City.  I thought, one thing I’ve never seen is the quilts all at once.”


You can read the full article in the New York Times here, following this link:


Look at the link … they call them “rugs” …

Here’s a detail:


If you are in NY, I hope you get a chance to go see the exhibit.  It must be an amazing sight!

Any ideas?  Enough to go home and keep quilting!




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