I’m Back

Good evening,

I finally find a minute to sit down and send an update. I have been absent for a while, and if you check my blog from time to time, you might have noticed. A lot has happened in the last few weeks, mainly, we sold the house and I finally purchased one. I am the proud owner of a 4-year old 2-storey single family home in Valley Ridge, complete with a lovely SW facing backyard (a must), inclusive of a gazebo and a hot tub, lots of light, and a lovely bonus room upstairs to be converted into my studio, so I can drag myself directly from there to bed.

Possession date is beginning of May, and that’s good as I am still planning a few things that would like to have done before I move a week later; mainly drywalling the basement so I can set up the other half of my studio – painting area, plus hopefully adding a couple of laundry tubs with hot and cold water to wash fabric and paint in.

I don’t have any photos yet, but I promise to post some after I move in. In the meantime, I am cleaning, culling, packing, packing, packing, packing … you get the idea. I can’t believe the amount of books I own. Although I am very proud of myself. I cleaned most of my quilting magazines and decorating magazines, and of the estimated 800+ I owned, I have kept about 150! Not bad, if I say so myself. A few books went the way of the Ujamaas plus a few boxes of fabric, ribbon, patterns, etc. It feels good … still a long way to go.

In between all that, I am preparing for CQA in a couple of weeks. Haven’t yet found out how many people have signed up for the classes. Last I heard I had 15 for one and 9 for the other. Lots of activities around that too. Looking forward to it.

Well, just a short message to let you know I am alive and well, albeit very busy with life. I promise to catch up to my blogging once I move and things settle down.

In the meantime, keep quilting!


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