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Good evening,

I need to let you know that I am still getting used to this “blogging” and it seemed to me the other day that my blog was acting temperamental. I couldn’t really do what I wanted to, so … that’s why the first blog looks the way it does. I have since found out that it is temperamental, so I have to adjust to the way it works. Despite all that, I wanted to post some more photos.

The first one is my quilt, who was accepted in the Miniature Category. It is called “The Shell Seekers (Buscadores de Caracoles)”. And by the way, if any of you have the Program from the International Quilt Festival, the quilt name under my name is wrong. They got it mixed up with someone elses. By the way, “84 Carrots” is a lovely miniature quilt, and I will post a photo for you to see it. But first, here’s “The Shell Seekers”:

It started as a different project, and ended up being in the “maybe I will discard it” pile. On December 2008, during the holidays, I decided to either finish it or discard it. It started as a piece of painted Wonder Under. I painted the ocean scene with acrylic paints, then it was fused on organza placed onto a piece of hand-painted silk (although you can’t tell). A piece of tan silk complements the sand. The paint was adjusted, before and after the quilting was done. There is beading for the drops of water on the waves, and the foam. The three people are my two youngest children, Ale on the left and Sabrina on the right and myself, looking for shells in Pinamar (Buenos Aires – Argentina). It is approximately 20″ x 21″, and I loved the way it turned out. I am glad I didn’t discard it. It took a few months to get it finished, but … voila!

The next quilt I want to show you was made by Ruth Bloomsfield of Australia and is called “Puzzled”. What an amazing job she did. I loved the effect of the pieces of puzzle still waiting to be fit. She used confetti quilting, free machine applique, hand applique, free machine embroidery and painting. Here is the quilt, and a detail shot:

That is all for tonight. I will go get dinner ready. Thanks for reading.


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