Best wishes for 2012

Welcome to the 2nd day of 2012.  I’d like to wish everyone a happy, and creative 2012.

Beginnings are all about hope, and the beginning of this year is no different.  We take stock of the previous year and in doing so, in my case, I give thanks for my children, my family and my friends and my quilting passion.  New Year is also about new resolutions, and although I am not much of a list maker, I keep a continuous list in my head of all the things I’d like to accomplish.

2011 was a very good year from an artistic point of view:  I travelled twice to Cleveland to tape segments for Quilting Arts TV with Series 900 coming up; I taped my first very own workshop DVD which is out and available for purchase; I had articles published in several publications, mainly Quilting Arts, Quilting Arts Gifts, and Quilt Scene, and had a fabulous trip to Brazil and Argentina where I had a chance to teach classes and make new friends.  All in all … I can’t complain.

I have some plans for 2012.  The most important one is to finish the classroom downstairs, so I can teach at home.  With that in mind, I’d been doing quite a bit of planning, and are right now putting the last few touches on a list of classes, some of which will be on surface design, low water immersion dyeing, screen printing, New York Beauties, Machine Quilting and Fabric Painting. So, with that in mind, keep an eye out as I’ll post the list of classes and dates in the next few weeks.

I hope that 2012 will prove to be a great year for everyone.  I encourage you to try a new technique, a new pattern; read a new book, buy a piece of fabric you’d never thought you’d buy and incorporate it into your next project.  Expand your horizons, and let your dreams fly.

Keep in touch, as I appreciate your comments.  In the meantime, keep quilting.


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