Christmas 2010

It’s hard to think that Christmas has come and gone.  We seem to prepare for it for months in advance, and all of a sudden … poof!  the presents are opened, the food is eaten, and we are left with memories, and photos, and lots and lots of wrapping paper on the floor.

Sabrina arrived home on the 15th from spending 5 months in the Philippines, working as a research assistant for the Isis Group.  So the first few days we chatted non-stop, and spent about 5 hours looking at the 2015 photos she took, each one with an attached story.  She now has great friends in far away places, and lots of memories of the places she visited and the people she met.


When I take photos of the kids, I always feel I should say “To the clouds”, as in the commercial for Windows 7, as it seems almost impossible to take a photo without them being goofy!  I will post later with photos of the silk and batik fabrics she brought me, and I will share with you some of her photos, especially the ones from the temples in Thailand.

For me, this year was one of firsts and of creating new traditions and memories.  I spent Christmas Eve on my own (for the first time ever!), and although I was a bit hesitant at first … I took it as just one more day to get prepared.  It worked out just fine.  Put all the Christmas presents under the tree, got the food ready for the brunch we had once the kids got home on Christmas Day, prepared the chocolate mousse for dessert … and then, had a glass of wine sitting in the hot tub, looking at the moon and the stars … Ahh … lovely!  I went to sleep past midnight, once I texted “Merry Christmas” to kids and friends.  Here are some photos:


This is my collection of glass trees.  I added two new ones this year.  The piece of furniture is one I purchased at an antique store in Buenos Aires and had restored.  Then I painted the doors.  It houses my collection of cookbooks.


 This is my new Christmas tree.  I needed something skinny as my house is not that big and cannot accommodate a very bushy tree.  Soooo, here it is, with all the presents under it, before the unwrapping began.


 One of the new Christmas decorations I purchased in Banff at the Christmas store.  Isn’t it lovely?


 Each one of the children got a plate full of cookies.  Sabrina and I went to Homesense and chose a different plate for each one.  The cookies are, from left to right:  Peppermint and chocolate chip, orange and raisin and chocolate.  Yummmm!

Remember the tuffets I made for my kids last year?  I made two more this year, this time for my nieces Carolina and Daniela.  I had promised them last year that I would.  It took me a year but I got them done.  The blue one is Daniela’s and the yellow one Carolina’s.



I love these tuffets.  I still need to make myself one, although I haven’t decided on the colors yet.  More to come on that.

Back to Christmas and hand made presents.  I decided a few weeks before Christmas on a present for Sebastian.  I wanted to buy him a fountain pen, so I went to the store and found the perfect one for him: a fountain pen made by MontBlanc in commemoration of John Lennon and the anniversary of his death.  Well … that was until I saw the price!  So I decided to make him a John Lennon quilt.


It is painted.  The “Imagine” was done through a stencil that I created with freezer paper and a white paintstik.  The quilting on the black border is circles of different sizes to look like the shape of the vinyls.  And this is Sebastian when he unrolled his present:


He loved it! At the end of the day we went to his apartment and put it on the wall.  He knew exactly where he wanted it.  I have to say that it looked great!


Sabrina, looking at one of the books she received, and Sebastian is admiring his John Lennon quilt, which is hanging temporarily across the way.  He used the cookbook cubboard to hold it up, so he could admire it.


Ale, reading the Larousse Encyclopedia of Cooking, or something like that.  A massive book which is like the bible for cooks.  He also got the Noma book, which is a new fancy restaurant in NY.

And the last one is a photo of the table, set for Christmas brunch.  We had broiled grapefruit to start with, a second course of eggs with spinach, cream and cheese and then smoked salmon.   Coffee, tea and mimosas.  Good thing I didn’t need to drive right away!  Those were very, very good, made with fresh squeezed orange juice, champagne and a dash of Grand Marnier.


 I hope everyone had a lovely time with family and friends.  I, for one, know am blessed for having been able to spend the time with my children who are the ones I hold dear.  To all my friends, and the family far away, I wish you happiness and joy for the New Year.  Keep in touch.

In the meantime, send me a comment or two.  I’d love to hear from you.  Until the next time, keep quilting.


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