Arranging and rearranging

paper landscape
Seems to be my middle name

How many times do you arrange and rearrange your studio? Or work area? Table? Drawers? It seems to be a constant in my life. I cleared my studio a few weeks back to shoot a welcome video for Create2Flourish. A few days later … a mess once again. Out came the papers, sketchbooks, pencils and pens, fabrics, etc.

I try … I really try but there’s too much going on for my studio to be always tidy. Today, I started the day doing accounting (not my favourite pastime); and then … squirrel! squirrel! I turned to something else a little bit more to my liking :) and started work on a handout which means that I have to create a few more samples. Guess what?

Out came the magazines, papers, scissors, glue stick, sketchbook … and now I have a mess of papers on my table which I had to clear to get to the computer. Ahhh, but it feels good! It means that inspiration struck. That the brain is working. That I got an idea and I did not want to wait to put it into practice. It means that life is good and I am in my happy place – despite looming deadlines and the accounting that needs to be finished.

paper landscape

That’s when “mañana” comes into play. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow morning I’ll tackle the accounting. Tomorrow morning IS another day. I can push the accounting one more day. Just one more day and I’ll get it done! And maybe this time I’ll learn my lesson – finally – and not leave it to the last minute.

For today, I am happy. Surrounded by my papers, sketchbooks, paints, and a headful of ideas waiting to be put to good use. If you’ve been following on social media, you may have noticed that last week I posted some glimpses into work that I have been doing. Once again, I paused my busy life to get back to some free-motion quilting, teach a workshop, make samples, and leave computer work behind for a few days. I will reveal the finished pieces soon. But for now, here’s a glimpse again of some tracings and some fabric work:

And for the rest, well, there’s always “mañana”.

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Thanks for reading. Stay safe, and keep creating,


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