What is Create2Flourish?

With Create2Flourish I want to help fibre and mixed media artists find their own voice and create their own unique work.

This is the heart of my creative practice:  bring original ideas and inspiring content to help you move forward in your artistic journey.

I will strive to motivate and challenge you to look at ideas in a different manner so you can push past the fear and take risks that will have you creating art in your own style.

Your Membership

Your membership will provide access to step-by-step tutorials, inspiring content, professional coaching, monthly Q&As, mentoring and so much more.

My creative life, my processes, my inspiration, my troubles, my not so successful attempts.  So, whether you’ve been a fan of my work since my traditional beginnings as a quilter or just discovered me, I’d like to invite you to join me to create and be a part of this community as we dive deep into inspiration and creation.

Let’s make art together!

Create2Flourish is a Community

Because a community is more important than one.  In this community you will:

  • Find your tribe
  • Learn new techniques and brush up on old ones
  • Open new possibilities
  • Embrace your style
  • Learn to engage your curiosity
  • Celebrate your uniqueness

A community to propel each other into the next step:  whether it be fear or a risk; with confidence, we never have to take a step alone. Know you are not alone, you are worthy, and your voice is powerful.

Take a leap with me!