Exciting news: Test fabric has arrived!!!

I ordered and then waited, and waited and waited a bit more and finally, the package arrived in my mailbox.

Three pieces of fabric from a test I sent to Spoonflower, and today, the fourth piece arrived. I’m quite pleased with the results, but happy too that I ordered 1 yard of each fabric to test as I think I could make some adjustments, but for now, these are good to go!

Introducing: (haven’t thought of cool names for them so they are identified by their main colours)


I am still waiting for the second order, which I promise to post when I receive it – hopefully soon. I can’t wait to see how the designs printed. I ordered some fat quarters printed on canvas with the idea of quilting them and making pillows. Stay tuned …

If you keep up with my posts lately and my website, you will notice some changes pretty soon as I’ll be introducing a shopping page where you’ll find my art for sale, hand-dyed fabric, originally designed fabric – some deconstructed screen printed, some printed, some painted. And if you haven’t yet, feel free to sign up to get updates and posts by mail.

Thanks for reading. Keep creating,


4 thoughts on “Exciting news: Test fabric has arrived!!!”

    1. mm

      thank you Rejeanne. Much appreciated. I received my second package today and I am super excited. I’ll post about it later this week.

      Have a good weekend.


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