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Good evening,


I am finally trying to get my life back together after a hectic couple of months.  I did move into a new house, and did a lot of packing, cleaning, culling, unpacking, more cleaning, more culling.

CQA came and went in the city.  I had a great experience teaching, and hope to be able to repeat it again.  Both my classes went very well (at least I think so) and had a lot of fun taking some time walking in the market and looking at the quilts in the show.


A couple of weeks ago I went to Pearson College again to teach a couple of workshops, organized by the Guild in Victoria.  Quilting in the Trees is in its 24th year, which means that 2011 will be the 25th anniversary.  Very exciting for them.  I taught two classes:  “Introduction to Fabric Painting” and “Lettering, Transferring and Painting”  for two days.

Below find some photos of some of my students in the “Introduction to Fabric Painting” class, and the lovely work they produced.  Well done ladies!  Remember I expect to see photos of finished products!


I will tell you more about the second workshop later on.  I am off to sit in the garden and soak up some sun while it lasts.  Good night everyone.  And until next time … keep quilting.

It’s nice to be back.


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