Finally … finished!

Good afternoon,
Hope this finds everyone doing fine, being creative, staying busy and happy.

I’ve been busy these past few weeks preparing for my trip to Ireland starting tonight. While I was piling up the things that I needed to take with me, and what I needed to pack, I realized that a long time ago when I made my Machine Quilting book – I even taped a short segment for In Stitches while I was in Cleveland taping for Quilting Arts TV – I never made covers for it.

On Sunday, as I was looking at the book, I realized that it looked unfinished, so I sat down in the afternoon and decided to make covers.
Of course, due to the lack of time on my hands, it had to be short, sweet, simple and pretty. I chose some of the mono printed fabrics I had on hand and this is what I made:
front cover
I added some leftover circles from two other projects to it and sewed them in place.  The bottom is a piece of rusted fabric that I used to clean the mono printed plate; the centre piece is a hand-dyed piece where I cleaned the circle rubbing plate when I used it with the thickened dyes on one of the mono prints, and the top piece was made with thickened dye using the edge of a credit card.

The back is simpler, just a piece of decorator fabric that I purchased in Houston, at High Fashion Fabrics last year.

back cover

At least now the book looks finished, don’t you think?

I will post soon with photos of my trip.  In the meantime, keep quilting!


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