Rearranging Furniture

And decluttering the mind

I woke up early last week and decided to do something about all the thoughts that were jumbled up in my mind. You see? I had gone to bed thinking about all the items in my To-Do List (of which there are loads!); all the things that I need to get accomplished before I launch my program. And one of them, a huge part of it is creating content. Content that is relevant, valuable and has the ability to change the way someone thinks about something. Or sees something. And that leads to videos; it’s shown that a large majority of people favour videos as the way to learn. So videos it is.

In turn, this led me to my front room. At one point, it was my office when I was working from home, although that did not last long as I lost my job at the beginning of the pandemic. The front room became a catch-all of sorts. Not a pretty picture. After a while, you stop “seeing” all the stuff laying around, and it becomes part of the furniture. But on that Monday morning, when I walked into that room, and looked, actually looked, I got annoyed. At myself. I SAW all the stuff there, piled on the table, on the floor. And I got a heart ache – and a headache. I decided to deal with it right then and there. It didn’t matter that I was supposed to be tackling something else. I knew I needed to deal with it.

So I put things in piles: garbage, to keep, to move, to give away. I moved furniture down to the basement (another pile that I’ll need to deal with), and put things in boxes for a studio sale in the spring. I felt better. Now that room is clean. I even got rid of the table I did not like, so cheap it went into Marketplace and before long someone came to pick it up. The same for the Ikea cabinet I had purchased to use with it. All gone. Now I have a nice table to place my old computer on and create videos.

I seem to be rambling on today, but all that – furniture moving, getting rid of things that are cluttering my space and my mind – has brought me full circle to my To-Do List and a priority: create a page where you can go read all about my program Create2Flourish.

Drumroll please!!! …. tah-dahhhh! I invite you go read about it, sign in to receive updates and offers and stay in touch with what’s coming up.

Pass the word around! Have a question? I’ll be happy to answer it. And leave a comment. I’m always interested in hearing from you.

Until next time. Keep creating,


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