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New Article in Quilting Arts Magazine

Good morning,

It’s chilly in Calgary today, although the sun’s shining.  We are expecting the first snow tomorrow and Saturday, although the weather reports keep changing.

To combat the chill, I’m planning on getting comfortable this weekend with the new Quilting Arts Magazine and a good cup of tea.  Maybe I’ll add a French Macaron to make it just perfect!

The first installment of three articles on Feather Quilting is in this issue, and I am delighted at how nice the article looks.  Kristine, Vivika and the editing team at F&W Media do such a great job!  My thanks to them.

first pageI hope you enjoy the article as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Do leave me a comment and let me know what you think, if there’s anything specific you’d like me to write about, or simply to say hi!  I’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, keep quilting!  And stay warm …



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  1. Ana, I am in love with your “Starry Night” painted quilt…I have loved Van Gogh’s paintings for years. I use to do oil painting then moved on to fabric…quilting. I love your technique. I ordered a magazine with your article on using Inktense pencils. I am interested in this technique. I also put in a request to hubby for a set of Inktense pencils for my birthday next week. Again, thank you for the inspiration. You are quite the artist. Stay warm up there….I’m in So. California, always warm, well at least comfortable. Ciao …Bonnie (Savino) Cornish

  2. Hi Ana,

    My first issue of Quilting Arts features your second installment of “Quilting Feathers in Shapes”. I’m embarrassed to ask about the fabrics and not your quilting (which is astounding) – I gave up on FMQuilting long ago for myself. What kind of wonderful shiny fabric is that you used for the blocks? It is so shiny, like silk – but the first-page close-up reveals a fairly recognizable weave, with white stripes in it that you don’t see in the farther away photos. I love the steel-blue and gray-taupe; I like neutrals. I must say, this fabric and your instructions MIGHT inspire me to try FMQ again….one more time. I blame my machine, an older Janome but everybody says it’s me – and I believe them! Thank you in advance for the information. If this is a fabric you create yourself, do you sell it?



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