New Classes for March and April

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Hello and happy Monday! I’m so excited to let you know that I have posted new classes for March and April. And some are NEW classes, as it’s the case for the Paper Lamination series I, II and III.

Paper Lamination Series

Let me tell you all about them. Images, images images everywhere! If you are anything like me, you take photos of “stuff”, just because it caught your attention. Or save images on your computer. Here’s where paper lamination can become useful: to transfer those images onto your work in interesting ways. You maybe asking yourself “What is Paper Lamination?” Paper Lamination offers lots of creative possibilities for simple or complex images.  It is the process of using a permanent adhesive to attach paper to a fabric surface.  The process gives you an opportunity to combine graphics, photos and art papers with fabric, resulting in pieces that are unique. 

I’ve been asked to teach the technique a lot, and finally, here it is: I divided the class in 3 parts as there’s lots to cover: Basics is Part I, Fragmentation is Part II and Collage is Part III. Each class is “sort” of stand-alone, although I highly recommend that you take Part I before taking the other two as I’ll be discussing the materials needed in depth – whereas I’ll only touch briefly on them in Parts II and III.

Something new for this series of classes is that they will be recorded. You will get a link after the class that you can use to access the recording for 7 days after class, so you can watch it again at your leisure. You can find all the information here.

Create Stunning, One-of-a-Kind Prints: Master the Art of Texture with Collagraph Monoprinting

This class is a lot of fun, addictive and easy. Discover a world of possibilities with this monoprinting technique that gives wonderful textures.  Collagraphs are a versatile and accessible way to add texture and dimension to your artwork. This is a 4-hour class where we will spend part of the morning working on different types of collagraphs, and then the rest of the time, using the gelli plate in combination with those collagraphs to make unique prints. Layering will be demonstrated too, so you’ll be able to change/improve/add to your prints. You can read all about it here.

And finally,

Acrylic Skins Workshop

This is a 2-hour workshop where you’ll learn to create acrylic skins to use in your work.  These acrylic skins require few supplies and are fun and addictive to make and will add an element of surprise and interest to your artwork:  quilts, sketchbooks, painting, collages, etc.

I will show you different ways to create the acrylic skins.  Note that this workshop is part hands-on and part demo on different products you can use to prepare the skins, how to finish them and how to apply them to your work.

The trees in these images are acrylic skins. You can create use all kinds of images to create acrylic skins. It’s been almost a year since I taught this class, and it might be another year before I teach it again! Won’t you join me?

Aside from that, work continues in my studio focuses on the colour red. I will tell you all about it later on. For now, I wish you a really good week.

I will be back next week with more news from my studio. Until I write again, keep creating!


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