Daylight Savings

Welcome to day 1 of daylight savings time.

Woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny day, although the rooftops are white with frost.  It is going to melt, as the weather report forecasasts a high of 12 degrees C today, but … snow tomorrow, on Tuesday and on Wednesday.  We shouldn’t complain though, it’s the middle of November after all.

What’s new with me?  I taught an “Introduction to Fabric Painting” class at Out of Hand the past two Saturdays.  We used Liquitex soft body acrylics with fabric medium.  Had a full class, 13 ladies who did a wonderful job the first day painting the pear, and the second day they did the quilting.  I look forward to receiving some photos of finished projects!

Here are some photos:


Judy and Charlene hard at work.  For a while there you could hear a pin drop.  I had to keep remind them to breathe!

Look at all those luscious fabrics behind.  I kept thinking of things that I could make to use them all.


That’s Effie with the red T-shirt which matched the fabrics in the area she was sitting in.  The pear you can see on the left is a color copy of one of mine, which they get as a guide for color placement.  I am happy to say that we managed to finish painting without getting any on the fabric bolts.

The next photo is of Maureen’s second painted pear, which she did after the class, using a piece of commercial batik.  Isn’t it lovely?


I realize now I don’t have a photo of a lovely painted pumpkins and crow.  I’ll have to wait for a photo of the finished product.

One last photo of Charlene’s quilted pear, almost finished.


Lovely job ladies, thank you so much for a great class.  I hope to see photos of finished projects.

I am off to work on my new project.  I am back to piecing for a while.  I promise to post some photos later.

In the meantime, enjoy the nice weather, and until I blog again, keep quilting!


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