Good morning,

I just got back from Victoria a couple of days ago. I went with Sabrina to help her move into her new apartment. Very exciting for her! We finally got everything moved, boxes and boxes plus books and more books. Then we went on this expedition to find a comforter for her bed! What an experience. We knew it was going to be painful :). Finally she managed to find a duvet cover and duvet, and her bedroom looks very pretty now.

We took the bus to Tofino, so it was 6 hours there and then 6 hours back the following day, but I got a chance to see the town, which is something I had wanted to do for a while. We walked around, visited all the art galleries, including a beautiful building built by Roy Henry Vickers (you can find more about him at ( which houses his art.

We had a very nice dinner at The Sea Shanty, although we couldn’t sit outside in the patio because it was a bit cold by then.

Now I am back in Calgary, getting ready to get Ale off to SAIT, and go back to work.

Thanks for reading. Keep in touch.


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