Hello, I’m back

Not that I’ve been anywhere, just busy, so it feels like I’ve been gone.

I was away for a week in Halifax for Quilt Canada 2012; thinking back I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve been back.  New job, new boss, new office … lots and lots of work. And long days …

But, despite all that, I’ve been trying to do some work.  I volunteered for the Decorating Committee at work, for the Q3 Offsite, so … if I didn’t have anything to do before, now I have to make about 600 fabric leaves to make center piece trees; plus some more to string with beads and make a mobile of some sorts.  I have the branch already to hang them from.  Ah, let’s not forget that I committed myself to make a quilted tree walhanging, not quite sure yet what it is going to look like.

Below are some photos from Halifax, from day 1.  I arrived at 6:15 am.; Mary Elizabeth was very very kind and came to pick me up at the airport and took me home with her.  On the way we stopped at the beach and went for a short walk.  It was very very foggy; but it was a lovely walk after sitting in an airplane for about 5 hours.  It was great until I looked at myself in the mirror and … I looked like a poodle!  The humidity did a number on my hair and it got really really curly and frizzy.  Frizzier than curlier I should say …

Enjoy the photos:  this first one is the light house at Peggy’s Cove.



And a view through the center of a ring of a huge anchor:


A couple of old boats anchored at the cove  Aren’t they lovely?  Look at all that rust …

boats old_boat_and_ropes

Halifax is a lovely city; old houses, architecture and one of the oldest universities in Canada:  Dalhousie, where the conference was held and where we stayed.

I’ll post more photos later.  In the meantime.  Do some quilting and enjoy the summer.




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