Garryvoe Hotel in Castlemartyr, Cork

I stayed at the lovely Garryvoe Hotel in Castlemartyr.  I had a room with a view.  A lovely view, actually, of the beach right across the street.

Here are a few photos I took the day I went for a walk before breakfast.

beachI took a photo of Ballycotton Island with the lighthouse.  lighthouseThis photo was taken from Ballycotton, directly across to from the end of the street to the island. There are tours you can take to the Island.  The Ballycotton Lighthouse lantern was first lit in 1851 and 141 years later the last lighthouse keeper was taken off the island due to the automation of the light.

ballycotton lighthouse

Rocks and pebbles and algae … and of course, if you know me … you know that I had to pick up a few and slide them in my pocket … beach 2

And yes, they did make their way back with me, in my luggage.  They sit proudly on my coffee table now … my rocks from Garryvoe.

A view of the Garryvoe hotel from the beach.


Walking back to the hotel to have breakfast – it had clouded over by then – I saw these three geese so I thought I’d take some photos.  As soon as they saw me they started honking quite excitedly and walking away!  They seemed quite annoyed that I had interrupted their morning to take some photos!  They made me smile, actually …


I hope you enjoyed the view from the beach.

Keep quilting!


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