After a super busy weekend …

An equally busy week

But the difference is that, although the super busy weekend was taken up with a 3-day intense business course – glad I attended; lots of useful information (took pages and pages of notes) – the busy week includes a bit of time for creating. And yes, confession time, while I was listening to the speakers, or during breaks, I did manage to add a few papers to a fabric collage :) That made me feel good!

Tomorrow, I will take a bit of a break and after a visit to the clinic to get my annual mammogram done – I encourage everyone to get yours done – I will head for Banff. It’s going to be a wonderful day and aside from needing a bit of a break, I need to go pick something up. So it’s a nice excuse. I am hoping to go sit by one of the lakes for a bit and contemplate nature. Refresh, reconnect and meditate for a bit. I will give myself the gift of a nice lunch somewhere, and will walk around town to see what I can see. The last time I was really in Banff, it was December 2019! So I am looking forward to visiting a bit. I may stop at the chocolate store and buy a piece or five; the art galleries are a must. Tea store? yes please! and of course, the Christmas store! I still need to do one more manhole cover rubbing, but I think I’ll leave that for a future visit.

This week, I will also work on some more embellished rocks as I am a bit behind in my 100 Day Project. These past few days have been intense and I have not had the energy to stitch at night. I did feed myself thought, which I thought was an accomplishment! LOL Question for all of you who are reading this post: Would anyone be interested in a workshop on how to make the rocks and embellish them? Please leave a comment as I’m hoping to create an online live workshop with this (some people have asked for this). But I’m always curious.

Another one – where I’m going to ask for your comment – is to know whether anyone would like a demo on using Powerpoint to merge images and shapes. This is something I discovered not so long ago, and I am working on a demo and a guide – this guide is already at 54 pages of step-by-step instructions. So once again, please leave a comment so I know if you’d be interested.

If you have been waiting for more online classes, I am working on the two mentioned above, and will schedule others soon. But if there’s anything you are interested in from my list of workshops, please let me know so I can consider it.

In the meantime, I am teaching at Quiltfest on 11th and 12th of May: From Sketch to Stitch with Inktense Pencils and Curves workshop. For more information, feel free to go to www.quiltfest.com.

At the end of May/beginning of June, I am teaching at the Saskatchewan Stitchers Conference: On May 27th I am showing a lecture on Colour; on May 29th I am teaching my Introduction to Fabric Painting; on June 1st and 2nd: Simple Landscapes with Stitch and Paint and finally, on June 4, a full day Free-motion quilting workshop. Please to the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference for more information.

In June, I am teaching – in person in Vancouver – at Quilt Canada Conference “Reconnected”, from June 15-18. I am teaching three classes:

On Thursday: Rocks Pebbles & Stones Oh My!

On Friday: Paintstiks on Fabric

On Saturday: From Sketch to Stitch with Inktense Pencils

I hope you’ll consider visiting Vancouver and joining one of the classes.

I would love for you to comment as I cannot do this alone. I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, and until next time, stay safe, and keep creating.


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  1. Hola Ana,
    I am glad you survived your weekend workshop! I am interested in your Powerpoint workshop as I am curious to understand how it compares with what I do with Photoshop Elements.
    Have fun in Banff and in your chocolate/tea/Christmas store wanderings!

  2. I wound love a class on rocks. Would it be accessible after as we’re travelling across the country for the next six months. Beginning Wednesday.

  3. Yes, please, Ana! I would enjoy the pebbles and stones. Plus a refresher on the power point. Especially after updating what I have.

  4. I am glad you are taking time for yourself. Work and play balance are critical even though your work is a lot of play. I am interested in your PowerPoint demo….hoping my schedule will match when you offer this class….lots of travel happening for me

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