Fabric Painting Workshop II

I wanted to share with  you some photos from the second Fabric Painting Workshop I offered.  The ladies did a great job with the apple.  Below are some of the photos.  Enjoy:


This is Kathleen’s apple.  The one closest is a color copy of mine they get to use as a guide for placement.


Working on the watercolor technique:  wetting the surface before adding the paint.  The leaves and blue background, which is painted, act as a barrier, so the water doesn’t go beyond the area.  They start adding the color from the lightest area to the darkest, adjusting as they go.  Nice palette, don’t you think?


They also learned how to paint water drops.  Don’t they look great?

And last but not least, they picked thread, embroidery threads, hand-dyed, beads etc, to embellish and add texture, after quilting.


I was so proud of all of them.  They all look great.  Some of them are going to be made into wallhangings, some into pillows.  I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

I hope this makes you want to go and work on a project or two.  Thanks for reading.  Until I blog again … keep quilting.



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