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Ahhh! Vancouver … I decided to jump on a plane for Vancouver on a whim.  Linda and Laura Kemshall and Catherine Nicholls were going to be in Vancouver for the launch of the new Thr3fold book and I decided to go.

My friend Aarol met me at the airport and we had a lovely morning in her house catching up on all the news of the last few months.  Then after lunch, we went to Granville Island.  The book launch was going to be at The Net Loft.  So we walked around, shopped some (of course).  There is a store called Fibre Art Studio which belongs to Barbara Heller.  She’s a weaver.  We walked in because of a tapestry hanging on the back wall that caught our attention, and I came out with a couple of postcards of her works.  Her series “Ghost” impressed me.  Her work reminded us of the monochromatic work by Hollis Chatelain.  We actually commented on it and told her to look her up.  Her pieces are amazing …

We bought the loveliest wooden print blocks at Maiwa.  See an overall photo of the place (printed with permission).  They have so many nice print blocks we didn’t know which ones to pick.  I came back with six; Aarol got the most beautiful wavy one, and fish, all varieties of fish.  She’s planning on making throw pillows for the boat.  I am looking forward to seeing them.


  We walked through the market and looked at all the fresh produce.  It is amazing how much more appetizing everything looks than in the supermarket:  the berries are redder, the fish shinier, the tomatoes look like they may actually taste like tomatoes …I learned about sea asparagus, I even had a taste of it.  Salty, but very nice.  Here’s a photo of me by a lovely display of olives.


And the flowers … all types, all colors, all shapes.  I wanted to take them all home with me.  Here’s a photo of Aarol next to the flowers in the flower market.  Aren’t they lovely?


 Then we sat for a while by the water and watched the boats go by.  It was a glorious sunny afternoon, just perfect.  I realized once again how much I like water, and there’s really nothing like it.  I hadn’t been to Vancouver in years.  I think I will have to go back and spend some more time.  But for now, I was where I wanted to be, which was just about to meet Laura and Linda Kemshall and Catherine Nicholls, who happens to be Aarol’s neighbour in West Vancouver.  I believe their husbands had met walking their dogs!  Small world, wouldn’t you say?

aarol_and_ana_granville_island  It was now time to go to The Net Loft; we were just a couple of blocks away so we went and signed in.  They were setting up still, so we went into Maiwa Handprints again just to look at the lovely merchandise they have.  Maiwa has two stores in Granville Island:  the store where they have all the books, and paints and dyes, buttons, screen printing supplies, etc; and the one where they have the clothing, scarves, pillows, etc.  You can spend hours looking at all the different displays and merchandise they have.  I strongly suggest you visit them if you are in the area.  If you are not, you can visit their website at

Laura, Linda and Catherine are the founders of Thr3fold:  The Journal of Creative Vision.  They gave a visual presentation of their work, their inspiration and how they interact with each other, as Laura and inda live in the UK and Catherine in Vancouver, and they only see each other about twice a year!  They work through challenges, and it is interesting to see how they each interpret a same theme.  The Thr3fold books also contain a multimedia CD.  If you’ve never seen one, I highly encourage you to get one.  Each book works around a theme; Issue No. 5 is around “Faces”.  In Calgary, you can find their books at “Out of Hand” in Lakeview.  Deirdre will also mail them to you.

 This is  photo of one of Laura’s quilts, “Black Pear” taken from the presentation.

black_pearlLaura, Linda and Catherine had some pieces on display.  We also had an opportunity to look through some of their journals which complemented the quilts on display.  I was awed by them.  Incredible works of art in their own right!  The one that appealed the most was Catherine’s journal on the faces of an angel.  She took the photo in a church during one of her trips (I think, don’t quote me on that one).  But the point is that the likeness was amazing.  For me, because I feel I can’t draw … anything that reaches that perfection is humbling …and I have to say, I turned a few shades of green (the healthy kind of green …).

They had also donated 7 pieces to the Maiwa Foundation for auction, including one which was the only piece that the three had worked on.  Aarol purchased that one, and one made by Catherine.  The photo to the right is one of Aarol and Catherine, holding the quilt she purchased.  Isn’t it lovely?  I have to say that it looked great in her boat!


 I purchased one made by Laura, which now sits in my studio design wall, until I find the perfect place for it.  You can see a photo below.


 If you’d like more information about their work, visit their website at; and; you can also visit Catherine Nicholls at

Well, that was not all from Vancouver, but it’s all for me today.  I’m off to do some creative work.  Thanks for reading.  And until I blog again … keep quilting.



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