Quilting Arts Magazine – December/January Issue

It is  -30 degrees Celsius in the city, very, very cold.  Looking out my window I can see the sun is coming out, although it is not going to get much warmer until the end of the week.  It has been snowing a lot too, so everything is white, and sparkly which is good to remember when you are shoveling the snow every night and/or morning (I’ve been doing it twice a day to try to stay ahead of it).

Despite the cold, I am smiling:  I just found out that my art is once again featured on the cover of Quilting Arts Magazine, on the December/January issue, which also happens to be the 10th Anniversary Issue.   There is an accompanying article on using tight quilting to create a canvas.  It is a lot of work getting ready for publication, but when you see the proof, it is well worth it; especially once you receive the magazine, and see it on stands all over the city.  It still gives me a thrill.

So, here is the new cover … look for the magazine at the beginning of December (I think it will be on sale on December 7th), and let me know what you think.


In the meantime, stay warm … and keep quilting.



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