Oh no! I can’t sleep … again!

piece partly sewn together

So, picture this: Saturday night. The movie is over so you decide to go to sleep. And what happens? Nothing. Nope. Nada. Sleep doesn’t come. The clock is ticking, you’ve tossed and turned one too many times, and sleep is playing hard to get. Frustrating, right? But wait, there’s a silver lining – your mind is on fire with ideas! Instead of battling the sheets, you decide to sneak out of bed and tiptoe into your creative haven, the studio.

It’s like having a secret rendezvous with your artistic side. The world is hushed, and it’s just you, your ideas, and maybe a cup of tea. There’s a certain magic in creating when the rest of the world is lost in dreams.

And how about talking about the pure joy of sewing in the wee hours. The machine hums a lullaby, and your hands are dancing to the rhythm of your imagination. It’s like a mini escape, a creative getaway in the middle of the night. The best part? No interruptions! No phone calls, no emails – just you, fabric and the sewing machine.

Yup, that was me. Saturday night. 1:00 o’clock in the wee hours of the morning found me sitting in my studio looking at the design wall and the piece of fabric I had pinned to get ideas on how to move it along. I talked about it during the Wednesday live. I had already cut up the piece in three. Now it was time to turn my thoughts into reality.

On Saturday afternoon I ventured to the quilt store to pick up ONE piece of black grunge fabric. What happened? Well … the usual I guess. I left the store with a neatly folded pile of fabrics and fat quarters and two spools of shiny red thread!

pile of red and black fabrics

I picked up one black fabric from the pile and a piece of painted fabric from my stash of reds – I am happy to say that all my reds are in one neat basket, ready to use, and set out to sew the stairs. By 4:00 a.m., which is when I finally went back to bed, I had sewn the bottom part of the piece. I left the three joining seams for the morning. Fait accompli!

Off to bed I went, happy with what I had accomplished, only to toss and turn and toss some more – my head brimming with new ideas! But, of course, every rose has its thorns. Bleary eyes and the inevitable yawns that may follow the next day. Lack of sleep might catch up with you, turning your sunny Sunday into a bit of a drowsy day. I think I may need to have an early nap! The tricky part? Balancing the joy of creation with the necessity of a good night’s rest.

Yet, there’s something undeniably special about those stolen moments of creativity in the stillness of the night. It’s a dance with inspiration when the world is at its quietest, and you’re at your most unguarded. So, embrace the midnight muse, but maybe keep that cup of coffee handy for the morning after!

Thanks for reading. Until I write again, happy sewing. And here’s to the magic of sleepless creativity!


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  1. I love what you’ve been up to Ana! The description of a restless night and following your midnight muse on an unscheduled journey into your studio is perfect. Sure beats battling the sheets with tossing and turning. I’ve been following along without your new piece and it’s outstanding so far!

    1. Thanks so much Glorianne. So happy you like what I’ve been working on. I have a few of those nights when sleep doesn’t come. I hesitate, sometimes, to get up and go into my studio because I know that it’s important to get a good night’s sleep, but frustration is worse, right? And when my mind is engaged, it’s difficult to quiet down.

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