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Woohoo! I announced on Wednesday the official launch of Create2Flourish. I am very excited!! You know what that means? That you get access to the hub and all the information loaded there: Welcome video, Site tour, Thoughts on Getting Started, the Create2Flourish Journey and a few bonus items for you to enjoy! All that before the lessons start!

So when is it? April 2nd! Make a note of it and put it in your calendar as you won’t want to miss it. Registration will remain open for a few days and, once closed, will not open for another 6 months. I hope you’ll join. The Create2Flourish page will be updated with a “Register here” button on April 2nd, and when you click it, it will take you to the Registration page.

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While I’ve been busy creating content, taping videos, writing scripts and workbooks and all that, I’e also been thinking about what it means

To live an artful life

The simplest definition of an artful life is one that’s filled with art. It can be art you buy, art you look at, art you create, art that touches you and moves you. It is not about accumulating fans, followers or likes. It is about making art that is meaningful to you, important to you, and leaving the world a bit different because you have been here. We can all live an artful life.

An artful life is a deliberate act: you live it with a sense of intention, meaning and purpose. Everything from the way we decorate our homes, to what we wear, what we cook and how we act are deliberate choices. The same goes for the art we choose to make: it can be writing, music, pottery, jewelry, embroidery, painting …

When you live an artful life, your life is not linear: you zig and you zag. You choose to take the long way to get to where you are going instead of the fastest route. The places you visit become the backdrop of your story and your experiences colour how you see the world.

When you live an artful life, you are always refining, going back to the fundamentals. Create2FLourish will help you live an artful life. It will give you a framework for skill building. Every master works back to the fundamentals to refine and go through them to create a better practice. It is a cycle. You go from A to B to Z and then circle back to A and go back through it all once again to refine, readjust, relearn, refresh. The more we learn, the more we see; the more we practice, the more we change. And with change, comes new vision.

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When you live an artful life, you realize that your art is always worth making, even if you make it just for you. We create for an audience of one. It is sometimes a solitary endeavour and you work with long stretches of silence and uninterrupted time. And if your art happens to reach an audience of millions, that’s great validation. Your desire to improve is driven by the desire to bridge the gap between our ambition and our abilities. I know what my ambitions are, and I do everything in my power for my abilities to match. Create2Flourish can help you bridge that gap from where you are now to where you want to be.

I read something the other day that said: An artful life is unmistakable. It’s an authentic expression of your soul’s calling. Your DNA, blood, sweat and tears serve as the golden thread that weaves your life together. Some of the most beautiful, emotionally resonant chapters of your work will emerge from some of the most difficult, heartbreaking and emotional challenges of your life.

An artful life brings us closer. Putting thoughts into words is difficult sometimes. But we can say with our art things that we may not be able or be willing to express with words. It is everywhere around us: from the art in the latte you drink in the morning, to the graffiti on the walls, your children’s drawings, a lovely text sent or received.

Living an artful life is a choice: to treat the journey as a ways of discovering the unexpected and taking the longest route to see what you can find instead of the fastest route. It is about friends and family, shared moments,. hands held, hugs and tears. Not fans and followers. It is recognizing that living is your art. Life is your canvas. And you … were born to create.

Join me in Create2Flourish to start and continue your artful life. See you on the other side.

Stay safe, and keep creating,


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