Look at what’s in my studio!

I am sooo delighted to show you … a brand new Bernina Q20 that yesterday took up residence in my studio … and quite a bit of room! to the point that I had to move the rest of the furniture about 20″ to make room for it after clearing the extra table, the ironing board, the extra chair … :) Nope, not complaining; just stating a fact. It is big!

Mmmmhhhh. It might be time to change the studio layout. I think I will live with it like this for a few days / weeks  or months, until I come up with a better setting. Or not. :)

I’m dreaming of all the quilts I can quilt with this beauty, starting with one that I put together and layered 2 years ago and promptly gave up on quilting on my Aurora 220. The quilt measures – right now – approximately 30″ x 92″. All I could do at the time was quilt some lines as anchors and that was frustrating enough, so it went into the pile of stuff to be finished at a later date. Last night I took it out, and it is sitting pretty, waiting for me start playing.

Weekend … here I come!! Stay tuned for more news. Below is a photo from last night, after Jules and I finished putting it together. Between you and me … those boxes were heavy. No wonder they say it’s a 2-person job! Couldn’t have done it by myself. So thank you Jules!

I will post more photos soon. In the meantime, keep quilting.

2 thoughts on “Look at what’s in my studio!”

  1. Hi Ana, I just got a new q20 as well. We’re getting to know each other. Happily, it does well with glitter & metallic threads. The throat space is a game-changer, isn’t it? I’ve used the basting function, & that’s nice, too. I always look forward to new articles & so on from you, especially now.

    1. Hi Heidi,

      So happy you are enjoying your Q20. I haven’t used mine much lately as I am doing renos and right now it’s time for my studio. I’m looking forward to the end of March when hopefully my studio will be back in use with new storage, new layout, etc. Then I’ll get back into working with the Q20 and writing more articles. Don’t hesitate to contact me in the future if there’s anything I can help with (and my apologies for not writing before this – I somehow missed your message).

      All the best,

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