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Another FMQ Sample

Did I ever have a lot of fun making this one!  It’s on silk Dupioni, using an 18″ square of batting from a sample pack I had from Hobbs.  I used the Tuscany Cotton Wool piece for this one.


By the time I had finished quilting it, I trimmed it to about 14″ x 14″ approximately.  Quite a bit of shrinkage, but then, it’s been quilted quite tightly.  I had fun with the grids and trying to decide which design to quilt where.

My favorite?


It’s a Zentangle design called “Paradox”.  I love it, and want to try working with it some more maybe to fill triangles or more intricate shapes.  It’s simpler than it looks.  The sample above has been quilted on 4 squares.

What do you think?

More on that soon.  Stay tuned …


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