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I’m going North … waaay North!

Oh, yes, it’s been a while.  Time flies when you are having fun.  And when you are not having fun but working hard, but have too many things going on and not enough time …

I’ll take a break for a few minutes now to tell you that I’m going North … way, way North.  To Inuvik, Northwest Territories, in fact.  To teach for the Inuvik Quilting Guild.  10 ladies are waiting for me to arrive and I can’t wait to get there!   I’ll be teaching at Aurora College, the most northerly campus.  The 150 or so full-time students at Aurora Campus help make Inuvik a community of rich diversity, with a variety of aboriginal and non-aboriginal peoples and cultures, including the Inuvialuit and Gwich’in.

The Town of Inuvik (pop. 3,500) is located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, in the beautiful and vast Mackenzie Delta.   At 133˚43′ west longitude, it is 10 degrees farther west than Vancouver, British Columbia. The community is within the taiga forest, just south of the tree line and west of the open tundra. The Arctic Ocean is only 97 kilometres north and the Arctic Circle is 200 kilometres to the south.

They are expecting -22 degrees C weather for the days I’ll be there, and funnily enough, I’m really looking forward to it, considering that we haven’t had that many cold days this winter.  My winter jacket is doing a happy dance!

So here’s where I’ll be:


Of course I’m not driving … I just wanted to see how long it would take me to get there, from here.  Wouldn’t that be an interesting trip?  Although it would probably take me more like a week to get there, not 45-49 hours …

I promise to post when I get back, if not while I’m there.  I am hoping for the Northern Lights to make an appearance. The Aurora Borealis (“northern lights”) can be seen during the dark months. Locals say that Inuvik is so far north that they have to look south to see the northern lights!   Wish me luck!  :)

I will be posting on Instragram for sure, as that’s easier than trying to compose a long post on my iPad.  So follow me and see what Inuvik is like in March.

Until the next post … keep quilting!



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