Felted Soap

Good evening,

When I was in Houston in October, my friend Marcela took me shopping to a very nice store (new to me) called Anthropologie (since then I have found out that they have opened a store in the West Edmonton Mall). I loved everything in it, and I managed to purchase a few things. One of the things I brought back was a felted soap, which I thought I would put in Sabrina’s stocking. Of course I forgot, and remembered about it after she had left to go back to University.

When I packed the tuffet, I placed the soap in a corner. She called me a couple of days later to tell me she had loved it, and that it smelled great! Tonight, I was looking at some of my favorite blogs and found that Judy Coates Perez has posted instructions on how to make felted soap. Quite simple and easy to follow. I think I will make some! I believe I have enough roving to cover about a million bars of soap!

If you’d like to see her tutorial, go to her website at http://judyperez.blogspot.com and scroll down to the December 20th entry.

Let me know how they turn out. In the meantime, I will go and put more ice on my face (I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday), go watch a movie in bed, or read for a while. Have a good evening.

And, until I blog again, keep quilting.


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