1st Day of 2010

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2010.

The New Year has started and with it a new decade. My start was quite different this time around. I spent New Year’s Eve on my own,. Woke up at 12:01 when the neighbors lighted some fireworks. Went back to bed, and woke up really early to pick Sabrina up at her friend’s and take her to the airport. She left for Vancouver today, on her way back to Victoria and her studies. I miss her already. It was great to have her home for the past two weeks. What a treat that was! I had her to myself for two whole weeks!

Today found me taking a step in the right direction. Clearing out the old to make room for the new.. I cleaned my closet! … and got rid of all the things that haven’t worn in ages and ages. Despite some nostalgic moments when looking at some of the clothes, I decided to give them away. Somebody else will enjoy them now.

I also cut fabric to make a new quilt. and planned a few projects for 2010, set up a few goals …

Talking about goals, Lesley Riley sent out this link on Setting Long Term Goals: check it out. It’s quite interesting. http://affluentartist.com/setting-long-term-goals/.

As my sister said: Thanking all the messages about peace, happiness and good will, I highlight the ones that have been written with true feeling, the ones from the heart, the ones that have made me cry with true emotion; the ones from here and there; all of those messages that both you and I know come from really great people. I send you best wishes again, in the hopes that by reiterating the same, they will become reality. I hope every one of you receives it in the form of a hug, a really tight one, those that are felt, no matter how far away we are, and those that remain in our thoughts and our hearts.

To all my friends out there, all the best for the new decade. May 2010 find us creating pieces that feed our souls.

And until I blog again … keep quilting.


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